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>>  6S Diamond Service

1.Remote self-repair—When something wrong single run data this system can call solutions collected by server data to self-repair automatically. Ensure the normal operation of the elevator.

2.Operation report—Generate operation reports regularly, and E-mail to you on time, and maintenance personnel could adjust elevator balance coefficient according to running condition, to ensure the best operation of the elevator.

3.Remind the next maintenance content—Clear list of many sets of elevator core components test results, and remind you of next maintenance parts and time timely.

4.Core component life early warning—Detecting running current of traction, controller and door machine, and compared with normal operation. If there is abnormal,the automatic warning data wil be back to headquaRers immediately.

5.Stay alert function—Stay in the car for up to 5 minutes, without starting alarm system, stranded sensor will send notice to service personne in headquarters through remote network, and inform your family timely.

6.Remote call—In case the call canf t be operated, you can dial service personnel directly, they will make remote call for you.

7.Emergency 110—You can operate the especial function "emergency 110" When faced with a special case, service personne will dial local police station telephone nutuber.

>>  24 hours Full-time monitoring system

Elevator running data via mobile 3G network or Internet is sent to ANLISO professional maintenance personnel、customers or property monitoring platform、ANLISO 24 hours service centers ANLISO data monitoring server. 365 days 24 hours Full-time monitoring system of ANLISO elevator provides you with all-round security.

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